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Graduate Program Experience: An interview with Yvonne Chinyanga

Yvonne Chinyanga was part of the 2019 Graduate Training Programme and was selected from a long list of applicants. This is what she has to say about her experience:

“As an alumnus of the Bokang Africa Graduate Trainee Programme, I often find myself thinking about how much a massive career investment it was!” According to Chinyanga “Anything that is meant to grow you professionally requires more than just your eagerness to learn but that extra attention to detail and utmost love for the work that you do as you constantly remember to outdo yourself!”

My first few days

My journey of the graduate program began with a week-long comprehensive orientation, where we were taught about the company’s accepted work norms and the different business units within the company. The staff was so friendly and inviting making every trainee feel at home.

Intense but manageable work schedule

“At Bokang Africa, you are immediately immersed into projects with senior members of staff. I got the first-hand experience on how to conduct investigations, how to engage with clients, I even got to interview my first suspects”.

What I learnt

Throughout my experience as a trainee, I was thrust into the art of how investigations are done. I learnt a lot… I learnt the art of carrying out interviews, evidence gathering and the need for attention to detail when carrying out investigations. Throughout the programme I was in charge of my growth so I made sure that I was always engaged in as many projects I could put my hands on. I also learnt the responsibility that comes with having to be thorough, impartial because of the delicate nature of the work thereby ensuring that the company continues to realise its goal of accelerating justice.

What I think about the programme

Bokang Africa’s prerogative is to make sure that everyone who aspires to become a renounced professional in the forensics, research and business consultancy field is given all the unmatched tools they require to take the world onto the next level. Trainees are offered hands-on practice on different projects and the use of technologically advanced software for reporting, data analysis and decoding makes the experience first class. Plus, I got a stipend!

Why an internship is important?

This graduate trainee programme was a way to kickstart my dreams. It is not an easy road transforming from student life to a professional one but Bokang Africa took pride in making sure that my road to integration was clear and one worth taking. I left Bokang Africa with a lot of work experience especially in the area of Forensics. I will always cherish my time at Bokang Africa. 

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