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Graduate program experience: the first 30 days!

12 March 2021 marked exactly 30 days since our four graduates joined our tribe! While there is a lot to celebrate our graduates still have another 2 months to go before the big day! Unlike other graduate programs, our program is segmented into two parts. All four graduates will go through 3 months of intensive assessments. However, only two of the four will be chosen to join our 12 months graduate trainee program.

This is what our graduates have to say about their first 30 days. 

Image: Aviwe Thobela, Honours Degree in Criminology and Forensic studies from UKZN.

According to Aviwe Thobela, “my first 30 days were a bit difficult for me, not that the work was difficult, I had to adapt to this new life. I am originally from Kwa-Zulu Natal and I had never left my province before, not to mention being in a big City (Johannesburg). Since coming here, I am even learning some basics of other languages, ‘Ke ya bua’ which means ‘I am speaking’. It has only been a month, but I’ve been exposed to so much already. I am now able to do conduct basic investigations, I am beginning to master Microsoft applications such as excel and word and I now understand how connected we all are”. 


Like Aviwe, Itumeleng Modula had to leave her hometown, Sebayeng in Limpopo, to come and join the Bokang tribe. According to Itumeleng her first few days were “soothing”! “We were all soothed and made to feel as comfortable as one can be, not to mention the welcome breakfast they had prepared. The team was very patient getting us hands on the job; every process was explained to us thoroughly no matter how complicated the task seemed to be. It was not all easy, but the Bokang Team helped us adapt to the environment. Knowing that we only have three months to prove ourselves, I initially viewed my colleagues as competition, but later learned that collaboration and acknowledging when you need help is an investment for both personal growth and benefit of the company”.

Image: Mamochekonyane Sebatane, BA Forensic Science and Technology from UNISA.

The same sentiments are shared by Mamochekonyane Sebatane, who is originally from Lesotho, she noted that “despite the first component of the program being only 3 months I am determined to collaborate and show up!”. “I have learned how to be part of a team, how to agree to disagree, I have also learned that our perspectives are influenced by each person’s background and that there is so much to learn from one another. Before joining Bokang I had been actively seeking employment for nearly 2 years. This opportunity was truly a dream come true”. 

Image: Sadia Nyembe, BA in Psychology and Criminology from Monash University

Sadia Nyembe is our youngest graduate this year and the only graduate to be from Johannesburg. Fresh from university she did not expect to get into a graduate program this ‘fast’. “My first few days were scary because I did not know what to expect and at the same time I had to adapt to the new environment. However, I would encourage future graduates to apply for this program as there is a lot to learn and a chance to grow within the field of forensics”.

When asked if all four ladies would recommend this program, they all said, overwhelmingly, “Yes!” “This program is nothing compared to what we have learned at Varsity”. Sharing words of encouragement the graduates said “we know it is not easy, we know most of you are on the verge of giving up, just stay positive and seek out graduate opportunities that are aligned to where you want to be in future! 

If you would like to join our graduate trainee program for 2022 keep checking our website for more information.  

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